Christmas Celebrations and What to Wear – Last Blogmas

Christmas Celebrations

Both of us don’t have any Christmas traditions. So we celebrate our holidays in our own way. For this year holidays we are working almost every day at local Christmas evening celebrations. We love to interact with people and be out socialising. Besides that, for now we don’t have children, so we can do almost everything with our free time. Maybe this is the last Christmas for just us two! ;)..We shall see.

Christmas Jumper

So, because of our “working” Christmas I like to have a casual and warm comfortable outfit. For these days I have my thrusted Timberland winter boots. I love so much these boots. This is my second winter with them and they still look as good as new. But they are not vegan, if you are a vegan person, try Wills Vegan Shoes.

Christmas Jumper

The coat is from Tom Tailor. Black is my favourite color and the lenght is perfect for warm winter days. It has a large collar and pockets. Coat has a tie belt and also a button to button up.

Christmas Jumper

What to wear:

Shoes: Timberland boots

Coat: Tom Tailor

Jumper: wholesale boutique clothing Christmas jumper(*gifted)

Leggings: H&M sport leggings


Christmas Jumper

Have you seen my new Christmas jumper.?:) It is so comfy, warm and perfect for Christmas celebrations. I always wanted some special jumper for the holidays and this year I got one from wholesale boutique clothing (*gift).

Christmas Jumper

Super cosy, minimal and casual is my fashion style. I can’t go to work in a fancy dress, because it would get ruined. So I combine a nice winter coat, cosy sweater and sporty leggings. Also, if we are going to our families, they have a big dog who really likes to cuddle. 🙂 Scroll for the picture down.;) My leggings are from H&M Sports in dark grey. I can wear them to work, to hug a big doggie, for outdoors.

Christmas Jumper

But tell me, how do you celebrate this festive season and holidays? Do you also work or do you have a free time just for yourself? We are happy that we can spend the day and the night together. By day at home and by night working. But we don’t complain, because we are together. Further more, as I was writing in one of my previous Blogmas posts, love is everything! To have someone who loves you and you’re giving your love back. That is the relationship that can overcome everything that life brings!

For this holidays I wish for you as much cosy sweaters and as much love that you can get! Be inspired, dream big, work hard, motivate others, love your other half and your children. Don’t panic, don’t overload with presents, don’t overload with food, don’t overload with stress. Love yourself, take care of yourself and thrust yourself. Build your confidence, build your strength, do personal growth.

Christmas Jumper


We are wishing you the most relaxed holidays, full of love  and health. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! xo

Christmas Jumper





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