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A Book Review – “An Edited Life” by Anna Newton

book review

Book Review

After a long time, I am coming back with a book review. I think that is one year that I posted book related post. But this year I want to be more consistent with my book recommendations.

Book Review:

“An Edited Life” is a book about life organization. There are four major chapters, the first one is “Introduction”. And then, over the next three chapters are organization tips separated for “Life”, “Work” and “Home”.

I think that for me was the most useful chapter about work organization. Because I am self employed, I have a bit similar work schedule as Anna does. So it was empowering to get some tips how to organize work into more manageable thing.

book review

Every chapter is accompanied with tips and plan how to organize and edit that part of life. For as far as I remember, I was very organize person. So, the book was really fun to read. Also, because you can see by the style of writing, is that Anna wrote that book. You can almost hear her in every sentance. It is easy to read, with heart to heart tips how to improve your life. Besides the “Work” chapter, there was a paragraph about Capsule Wardrobe, which was also interesting. But from the other content, I didn’t get much use from. Mainly, because I am already an organized person, so I do all those things/tips on a regular basis.

I would recommend this book to people that struggle with simple tasks in life, like: managing the household, work deadlines, time for social life, a cluttered wardrobe…

book review


Last sentence from An Edited Life:

“You’re the pen, life’s the paper and now you have the crib sheet on how to edit out the crap and leave in the good bits. It’s time to be your own editor.”

book review


In the comments below give a name of a book that you would recommend?!

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