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The Best And Simple Foods To Start Plant Based Diet

Simple Foods To Start Plant Based Diet

Here are a few simple recipes how to start plant based diet. For me, plant based diet was one of the best life choices that I made. I feel great, I contribute to the healthy planet and animals. So, I wanted to give you some advice if you are just starting plant based diet. I would recommend to you, to start with simple recipes, which are quick and easy to make. To not get overwhelmed already at the beggining. Then when few months go by, start trying new recipes, new foods, new supplements, because your taste buds will be adopted to the new diet.


One of the most simple recipes for breakfast is simply fruit. You can eat it raw just like it is, you can put fruit on top of porridge, acai bowl, oat meal. Also you can make great smoothies with fruits.

plant based

This is my favourite way having fruits for breakfast. Big plate choped fruits that are just in season. Second way, is a banana-chocolate plant based protein smoothie. I mix my smoothie, go in front of computer and start my work while drinking my morning smoothie. In the winter, I’m enjoying some homemade jam spread on bread. My mother in law makes so delicious homemade jams from peaches, strawberries, that I just can resist. I use home made jam in cakes.

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You can also try with easy vegan yoghurts with fresh fruits, it works really tasty in summer. In winter I sometimes make oats porridge in vegetable milk, because it’s warm and a little bit more fulfilling. I slice apple or banana on top, with a bit of cinnamon. So tasty.


So for lunch I recommend something more fulfilling, like pasta, rice, potatoes, grilled veggies, warm vegetable soup, etc. 

plant based

One another meal, that we like to prepare is polenta with soy chunks in tomato sauce. 

simple plant based recipes

We like to make a little bit more, like we would cook for four persons. So that we have already cooked and prepared dinner or we store the left overs in the freezer. 

simple plant based recipes

We also make grilled veggies and tofu sometimes.


We don’t have snacks that other people would have. Like chocolate, we eat the dark chocolate instead of normal one. I often eat a slice of bread with my coffe. My boyfriend snacks on some crackers. Often we eat a piece of fruit, like banana or orange. Rarely we eat classic croissants or cakes from the store. We almost never eat chips or candies. But I like to buy some vegan ice cream from time to time, mostly in the summer. And I like to bake vegan desserts by myself.


Making dinner is so easy for us. Half of the time we use left overs from lunch and add raw veggies to it. And the other half of the time, we try to make something really quickly, like cuscus, grilled veggies, raw salads. Simple foods are the answer. From time to time we also have the unhealthy type pizzas, but when summer comes and all homegrown veggies, we’ll be doing homemade pizzas.



Finaly I just wanted to say, that a plant based diet is a long term journey and not an over night change. If you are doing an over night change, don’t expect that it will last. The change of lifestyle is conected with lots of social pressure, there are a lot of old habits that need to be changed, there is a mindset that needs to be changed. You can’t do this over night. You should start slowly. Start adding different veggies and new foods, that you have never tried before, to the diet that you already have. Maybe start just by switching your breakfast with morning smoothies. And slowly, month after month build some new habits.



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