The Best Choices That I Made In My Life – Motivation 2020

Best choices for motivation.There comes a time in life that you simply now that you are on the right track. After fifteen years of struggle what is wrong with my life, this year I feel it is slowly coming together. 

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The Best Choices That I Made In My Life:

Firstly I want to mention my diet change. As I was saying in my previous blog posts, this was the time in my life that I struggled to change my mind set into better one. I am on a plant based diet for six or seven years now. In my mind I changed a lot, but on outside I look the same and I feel great. I really like how I feel after my morning smoothie and after my bowl of salad in the evening. Of course I have some pizza or snacks from time to time, but certainly not more than once a week. I am a great fan of seasonal fruit and vegetables. So whenever I have the chance, I eat them raw in a salad. 

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You must remember if these choices have worked beautifully for me, it doesn’t mean that they will work for you as well. We are all so different. Keep that in mind, listen to your heart and believe that everything that is happening has a reason why. 

Choices, choices…

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Second choice that I am glad that I make, was to go to college. It this modern era there is so much knowledge and information to learn. When you successfully finish the college, you realise that you have just started learning. When you know things, new horizons open and much more possibilities are available. This doesn’t means that it was easy, but it means that it was worth it. I finished my degree in food science and nutrition. And finished one year in accounting. The things that I have learn, I can incorporate in my daily routines and planning to live as healthy as I can. And financially independent. 

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Third choice was to leave home and start leaving on my own. For that I am so grateful to myself, that I had courage to manage my life on my own. With living on my own comes the feeling of freedom. It is a commitment to oneself, that you’ll provide for yourself. It is a discipline to pay every month your life expenses and taxes on time. Living on my own, nobody is telling me, how to eat, how to behave, what dreams and goals in life to abandon. Planning my life as I always wanted to is amazing and I feel extremely grateful and thankful for. 

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Fourth choice was to start my own bussiness or in different words to be self employed. I was dreaming of this for so long and last year I finnally manged to register as self employed. I like the feeling that I have no boss above me. Also, when I have an amazing idea I can go for it. I have learned a lot of new things, operations, knowledge in the past few months. Another thing that I love is to be “free”, you can make your own schedule. Before I was working in a job, where you had a position and you needed to be there for seven to eight hours no matter what.

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Wherever you are in life, always believe in yourself! This is the hardest thing, but when you do it, a new door opens. Listen to your heart, be brave when you have bad day. Work hard on your dreams, as this is the only time, that you are actually working for yourself. Finnally, be fearless. Don’t let the fear keeps you away from your grateness! 

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