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Key Benefits Of Plant Based Diet

Key benefits of plant based diet are good to know before starting a new diet.

Benefits of Plant Based Diet


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The China Study


Well as I am not a doctor, I can’t tell you about medical benefits of a plant based diet. But I can list several doctors, that made a lot of study cases of its benefits. Lets name dr. Michael Greger, dr. Neal Barnard, dr. Dean Ornish, dr. T. Colin Campbell, dr. Caldwell EsselstynI am urging you to start your own research. Take time, read their books, listen to their speeches, check the study cases. Read everything that you can find in your local libraries or book stores. Do not let that neighbours or family members interrupt you while studying all the facts. Think on your own, use your brain to come to conclusion and not what they say on television.


Tips and Benefits

So I will tell you what changed for me when I started plant based diet six years ago. At first it was like “How could I not know this before?” :)..But that’s life, some things you must find out on your own. But then slowly I started to fell some changes.

My first tip would be: change your diet slowly. If you eat mostly animal products than changing your diet by night isn’t a great strategy. Because the next day, you’ll have nothing to eat, no food in the fridge and no recipes to try out.

Firstly I stopped using animal milk. It was like that for a half of year, drinking vegetable milk instead. Then for the next half of year I stopped eat meat and begin trying new foods and recipes. After one year my taste has changed I started enjoying vegetables and fruits. Hence, I wanted to try cut the dairy products off. And I managed it.

The benefit of taking it slowly is that you take it serious and it is more likely to be retained.

Second tip is: do your own research at your own pace. Every ones life is different and unique. We are born in a different situations, with different skills, different jobs. Take time for this things. It is necessary for everyone to look after a healthy diet. The benefit is that this is a journey to know better about food and yourself.


Third one: Explore new cookbooks, new foods, eat a lot of veggies and fruits. One of key benefits is that the taste changes so much and it is really nice.

Next tip is: Be serious about it, don’t cheat. If you do, it will harm only you, nobody else. The great benefit of eating plant based diet is in better overall feeling. I was no more tired all the time, I have more energy, my digestion is great, my skin is clear.

Final tip: Do it for the planet, for the animals. It is so much more to plant based diet than just health. There are some hidden benefits of vegan diet. One of them is to gain compassion for animals. This is a positive feeling, we must all learn about it and feel it. And one another that I am passionate about is that eating plants is much more environmental friendly than eating animals.



Moreover, there are so much more sources of books, documentaries, studies and facts. I recommend reading this book.

Most of all do it for yourself! 🙂

Until next time, bye bye.. Ester;)

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