Beauty Empties And Which Beauty Products I Love

beauty empties

Beauty Empties:

So here are my empty beauty products that I used up. For most of them I was happy about, maybe there are one or two products that didn’t work for me.

Firstly to get out of the way. I adore all of L’Occitane products. I used up my favourite hand cream with shea butter (will repurchase) and a new face cream Aqua Reotier.

Secondly there is a shampoo and conditioner from L’Oreal Elseve. They are good but not great. I am still looking for the perfect hair care.

The shower gel from Natura Siberica from the Flora Siberica line was great. The only thing I didn’t like is the pump. Half through it broke. After it broke, it was a bit annoying to use it all up.


The second cream for face was from BioVegane. I really liked it, it absorbs quickly and the feeling on the skin was great. And a body cream, was from a small business in Slovenia named Baldrijan.  It is a lotion for all skin types and it protects against wind and cold. This cream is amazing for really cold winter days. It is thick and absorbs quickly to the skin. After I use it, I don’t feel so cold in the face.

beauty empties

Another beauty company that I use regularly is a Slovenian brand Afrodita Cosmetics. I loved all of their products on the pictures. Except the packaging on one product was a bit bad. The coconut water was good, but the plastic pump broke. And again, when the pump is broken, is annoying to use the product.

The deodorant from Dove was one product that I didn’t like. It was to strong for my skin. A few years ago Dove deodorants were my favourite, but now I use mainly organic products on my skin. Because of using mainly organic products I feel on my skin when the product is not ok. Furthermore, second product that I didn’t like was the perfume on the picture from Davidoff. I really liked the smell, but it didn’t last till the end of the day. In one hour I can’t smell it anymore.

For the tooth care I use the products from DM store. I find everything there. Toothpaste, mouth wash, sensitive brush for my electric Phillips toothbrush.

beauty empties


If you liked this post, leave me a comment which is your favourite face cream at this moment? 🙂

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xo, Ester

beauty empties


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