Autumn SPA Weekend Retreat At Thermana Park Laško

Weekend Spa Retreat At Thermana Park Laško

Last weekend we were at Thermana Laško to enjoy some SPA weekend moments in thermal watter. Here is a small introduction to this place. Laško is a small country city which offers some turistic attractions as two SPAs, local food culinary destinations and Slovenian biggest brewery.

Thermana Park Laško and Zdravilišče Laško are surrounded with forests and river Savinja. Above the city you can find old castle and famous restaurant Pavus.

There are a few walking paths around hotels from easy to really steep. A few bridges to admire the quiet river.

The inside design of Thermana Laško Superior. The elevator and the rooms can be opened with magnetic card.

Some photos from the night swimming on Saturday. Every Friday and Saturday night swimming is available until 10pm. Our Saturday was the highlight of the whole weekend. It is something so magical to swim in a thermal hot water under the glass dome.

Glass dome at night in Thermana Park Laško with a bar inside the pool area. There is a small selection of cocktails to make the evening extra special.

At the middle of the day they open the dome, so that natural light and fresh air can come in.  Also, at present they have some regulations about swimming and at the entry. You must wear masks in bars, restaurants, hotel and wardrobes.  While swimming you must be two meters apart from other people. The good part of these strict regulations are hotel towels and a basket from recycled materials. Every room in a hotel gets a disinfected towels and basket to use on swimming pool area just to be extra safe.

Thermal Water and Warm Sun

You have a restaurant at the pool, buffet restaurant and a-la-carte restaurant in the hotel. In all places you need to wear masks, tables are all two meters distant from each other. And even in buffet restaurant they serve the food on plate, to be as safe as possible. Even on the reception there is a “no-contact” system implemented.  

Last Thoughts

Moreover there are a lot more options in the SPA area, such different type of saunas and a Welness and Ayurveda center. To visit some of the local atractions you check the offer on local turist agency. Finally I can really say that this is a great choice for a weekend spa getaway to relax and visit welness center. Take in consideration that is really easy to get to this place. Free parking space and WIFI are included. Further more, they have a high standard for customer safety during epidemic and in general they are implementing a lot of sustainability changes in the hotel. They got an European Health&Spa Award in 2017 and Slovenian EKO Marjetica Award in 2019 for reducing environmental pollution and implementing organically grown food.

The only negative thing that I can think is a proximity of a main road and railway. At night with the window opened you can hear the traffic. Nevertheless, it is a very nice destination to visit.

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