August Top 5 Beauty Favorites

Summer is going by as quickly as it came. While the seasons change, somethings never change. A girls love for beautiful things does never change. So, here are August top five beauty favorites. If you didn’t know I love to try new beauty products more than trying new clothes. I find a good skincare routine much more valuable for me than nice clothes. I can’t wear nice clothes to work, because they would get ruined, but skincare I can! And my skin feels great after using organic skincare.

August Beauty Favorites

So, my first beauty product that I would like to mention is a face cream from Natura Siberica and from the Blueberry Siberica selection. It smells divine, it’s light on my skin and absorbs quickly. Furthermore, it’s vegan and organic. If you are in search for an organic face cream I would highly recommend it.


blueberry siberica organic skincare


Second product that I was hoping to get a long time ago, is a perfume. And not just any perfume, but a spectacular fragrance Flowerbomb from Viktor&Rolf. Let me just say to you, that they were not wrong!! It really smells like a flower bouquet, perfect for this time of the year.


beauty favorites


Third product is a face massage roller. I’ve got it in DM store for a low price. It’s like a replica to Jade roller but still quite fun to use! Since I don’t have time during week I’m using it as a special weekend spa treatment to keep my skin firm and healthy.


beauty favorites

Using a face serum while massaging is a good idea. My current favorite is also from Natura Siberica. It has vitamin C and antioxidants and coenzyme Q10. The skin feels nourished and shiny. Perfect for a healthy skin routine.

beauty favorites

The fifth one is a kind of natural tooth paste from brand called Biobaza. The brand is about skincare products with natural ingredients. I’ve already used some of their face creams and I really enjoyed them, so I wanted to try something new.

beauty favorites


These are my top picks for August and I hope you’ll love them as much as I do. Leave me any comments and recommendations of your best beauty products down bellow.

Stay positive! Stay Safe!



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