Moving Again And How It Feels Like To Move For a Tenth Time

Moving Apartment

There comes a time that something unexpected can happen. And that time was the month before this. Me and my boyfriend David were happy exploring nature and then we get a call from the owner of our rented apartment. He and his wife had decided that they want to sell this apartment.

Like so, the struggle started. We are searching for another apartment for a month now and it is stressful. Today we went to see one apartment available for rent. We thought that we would be alone, but no. There were two other people at the same time seeing the apartment interested for renting. Wow, I have been renting apartments for almost ten years now, but I have never seen so much demand for renting. We asked the owner, and he said that in one day he needed to put his ad offline, because the phone was ringing non-stop. That was really odd. I remember two years ago when we started dating we find this apartment quite easy. David has called the owner and we managed to sign all the papers in one weekend.

It feels like a rat race, to find the best apartment for the best price. In this month we were turned down three times and we turned down two offers. What we want we can’t get, what we can get we don’t want. 🙂 It is so stressful sometimes. Our deadline to move out of this apartment is the end of May and it is coming quickly.

There are some things that we are taking in consideration, likewise:
  • THE PRICE: here in our region, the prices are not normal. The price for one bed apartment for month costs about a half of monthly salary. That for me is a lot. But we are renting together, so we help each other. We always have our expenses in half.
  • LOCATION: there are some very great prices for big apartments, but are far from the city. So with the expenses for the gas for two cars it can be compared to a pricy apartment in the city. In the city, there is a bus transport from home to work for my boyfriend. And my job is near by so I go with bicycle.
  • SPACE: how much space is in apartment, if there is a balcony or basement for extra storage.
  • EQUIPMENT: we have our own bed, washing machine, cabinets, fridge. We also have three bikes. So there needs to be some available space for those. But all the other equipment we need.
  • OWNER: also, we also include the attitude of the owner. Because both of us really don’t want to rent apartment from someone we don’t like.
  • THE VIBE: we both include our instincts about the place on the list of pros and cons. Sometimes, the moment you walk in the apartment you feel bad about it.
Moving so much:

Since I have moved so much in the past this is already a routine. Young people, couples we can’t afford to buy an apartment or house, because there are so extremely high requirements for loans. It is almost impossible to get a loan with an average Slovenian salary. So we rent to be together and to create our lives together. My story is a little bit different. I am thirty years old and I was renting alone for seven years. I came to live in city when I was twenty-one, because I left home because of difficult conditions. As I have said in the beginning moving for me is a routine and I am used to it. Regardless, we are still aiming to save money to buy our own apartment to live in.

We are so much interested in this apartment. But we are on the long list  of candidates. Lets hope!

I will keep you posted with all of details of our move. Lets hope we can do this in this short time window.

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