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Road trip to Bled and Bohinj

Me and my friend wanted to go to a trip somewhere in Slovenia. So we decided to visit once more our beautiful Slovenian alpine lakes. We could go by the train, but we went on a road trip.

Last year in October me and my friend went on a road trip to alpine lakes Bled and Bohinj.

Here are some pictures from our trip to Bled and Bohinj. I must say that I enjoyed Bohinj more. Lake and city Bled for me are over commercialized. On the other side, Bohinj lake still feels more connected to nature. With its mountains in the back, Savica waterfall and ski center Vogel. I really liked the nature around lake Bohinj. Savica waterfall was gorgeous. The only downside of Bohinj, is that you must pay parking for your car literally everywhere. But what we can do, it’s still one of the famous sightseeing in Slovenia.


Bohinj is more for nature and sport lovers. From the parking under the waterfall Savica, there are many hiking routes to the mountains. Above the lake there is also a ski center Vogel, which is very visited by skiers in the winter. But in summer the peak is also visited by mountain hikers or locals. There are many paths for cyclists or for relaxed long walks beside lake.

Bled for me, is more for tourists with its island and castle. All the things are more pricey, entrance fees everywhere, parking charged by the minute, lunch vegetable plate for eighteen euros. But beside that, walking along the lake, to go with the boat or to visit the island, can be really nice and relaxing.



It was a really nice one day trip with my best friend. And I am really looking forward for the next one. So, here is my question for you guys..when was the last time, you took the day off, the spend it with your best friend, somewhere in beautiful nature?!:)

Remember that the time spent with your closest people is never lost. It is fulfilling!

You can find another trip with my friends here.

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