Plans For The Future&Addapting To The New Place

Plans For The Future

Firstly I will start with a life update and short term plans. I just want to talk with you. How are you doing? What’s new in your life? Which books are you reading? Do you have some exciting new recipe to share? Comment down bellow and lets be a group of honest people. The past two months have been crazy super exciting and really busy. In my previous posts I shared with you that we have bought an apartment and we are no longer renting! Huray! Cost of renting an apartment is so expensive in Slovenia. It is so much affordable to buy than to rent. This week-the first week of September we have finally moved in. Currently I am sorting all the staff from clothes to kitchen dishes where everything is going. Also we need to buy two pieces of furniture more. So the next month I will be arranging every corner of our apartment.


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My posting schedule will be the same, two blog posts per week, one video per week and uploading some more products to sell on my website. Maybe sometimes there will be just one blog post per week. I have some plans for the future that I am currently working on them but are still a secret;)!

addapting to the new place

New Place Feelings

One week of living in a new place has gone by so quickly! Today is the first day, that I sat down to write something and get some work done. I am so excited to have my own desk now and I don’t need to write on the bed all the time:). This experience is so special for us both and for me as an individual. I have been living in a rented apartment for ten years now and so much money has been spent on a rent that I get a bad headeache even thinking about it. To buy something of my own was a big wish that we were working on very hard for the past two years. With this life goal accomplished a big rock rolled away from my heart and I am finally feeling free. I noticed that I feel much more confident in myself and I believe much more in myself, my skills and my worth. I feel capable of doing much more than I show on the outside. According to the that I am much more convinced that I am doing the right thing to follow my dreams. I love to be my own boss, to write what is on my mind, and do what I love.

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In that spirit I will be doing some much more healthy lifestyle blog posts with some recipes. I love to be healthy but I also love desserts, expecially chocolate ones. This blog was founded for me and for you, to write and talk about what we love, with no shame and fear.  To be fearless and honest in relationships to each other. To personally grow together and rise to have a life of fulfillment. 

addapting to the new place


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