A Healthy Lifestyle and How to Maintain It

Nowadays there are a lots of tips how to live healthy and happy around internet. You can choose who to follow and which habits include in your daily lifestyle. But I want to talk to you what are mine healthy habits and how to follow them consistently.

  1. The first and the most important healthy habit I work constantly on is a positive mindset. If you decided to live more healthy lifestyle this is a first habit you must incorporate in your daily routines. Mind works and everything else follows. It is so important to understand that. There are a few different ways how to work on positive mindset. From meditation to law of attraction. They are all very good. But what helps me the most, is to read personal growth books. That really helps me to concentrate on a constant awareness of my thoughts. In general am I more a negative person, so this is so important to me and it is a priority. There are a numerous books on personal growth, just go to library or book store and ask for them. I think that in general you should read one book a month. From every book write down two tips that you need the most and incorporate them in daily routine.

Water and healthy diet are so important!

2. Second habit you want to start is to drink a lot of water. To work normally body needs a litre of water for every 25 kg of weight daily. This means that if you weight 75 kg you need to drink 3 litres of water or unsweetened tee a day. If you want to loose weight you need to drink even more. Body consists from 80 % of water so it is important to vital organs to have enough water to work properly.

3. Further more, habit that I would recommend is stay away from drugs. I mean every sort of drug: alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, non-essential medicines, heavily processed foods with sugar and fat. This are the chemicals that body doesn’t need for working properly. Further more, these chemicals are badly toxic for the organs. Body needs to work much more harder to eliminate these toxins from the body. Through time the organs become weak and then some diseases can appear.

The next three:

4. Hence sometimes there are people around us that are always negative, that always blame everything else and never think that they could be wrong. They always want your help even there is no way you can possibly help them. When you want to give them advice their ego doesn’t even listen what we are saying. And when you go away from them, because there is just to much negativity and they don’t listen..they will treat you as the worst person on the world. Can you even understand that?..So my advice for you is to go away from people that are so negative that hurt you.

5. For the healthy lifestyle of course you need a good nutritious food. Prepare some healthy foods in advance. Cook pasta, chickpeas, rice, quinoa, potatoes, broccoli on Sunday. Prepare and clean your green vegetables before and store it in a plastic container. On working days you just have to put healthy food on the plate in two minutes.

6. Exercise on a weekly basis, try different sports. It is not important what sport or exercise you do, as long you do it three times a week. Like that your body will be in constant movement, metabolism will be quicker and heart rate better.

All the pictures are taken with my phone Huawei P9.

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